Eyelift Surgery

eyelid-surgery-buglinoOur eyes are perhaps the single most revealing feature of our face, and like the age-old metaphor, are the windows to the soul. Eyes show our true emotions, and indicate when we are tired and can give away our age. As we get older, our eyes sometimes give the wrong impression, making us appear tired or aged even if we are not or don’t necessarily feel that way. Our upper eyelids may droop and interrupt our vision due to excess skin, and or lower eyelids may become puffy while undereye bags make us look worn down. Under-eye creams can only do so much. Whether you are a candidate for upper eyelid surgery or lower eyelid surgery, the minimally-invasive cosmetic eye surgery procedure can rejuvenate one’s appearance drastically. Dr. Buglino is a qualified eyelift surgeon with several years of experience performing various cosmetic procedures in Long Island, New York. Consult today with a reknown plastic and reconstructive surgeon who will properly advise you with your decision for eyelift surgery.


Upper Eyelid Surgery (Eye Lift)

Men and women may be candidates for upper eyelid  surgery for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Loose skin, sagging skin, crepey skin
  • Heavy/drooping upper eyelids (pseudotosis)
  • Eyelid folds
  • Impaired vision due to eye contour interference
  • Cosmetic upper eyelid surgery to improve shape of eyes

Lower Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Cosmetic lower eyelid surgery to get rid of “tired eyes” appearance. Other factors that may affect this area are genetics, lifestyle (i.e. cigarette smoking), and diet.

  • Puffy eyes eyes due to excess fat
  • Dark circles treatment for lower lid bags under eyes
  • Hollowing, volume loss around eyes
  • Festoons

Eyelid Surgery Consultation

Blepharoplasty is a specialized surgery which requires expertise, skill, and precision. For one of our most delicate features, maintaining a natural shape and contour of the eyes is necessary for beautiful results. Upon scheduling your complimentary consultation for blepharoplasty, you will meet with Dr. Buglino at his office in New York. Eyelid surgery patients are interviewed by Dr. Buglino in order to find out what their goals are, in which he will assess the physical condition of the eyes to see if eyelid surgery is an option. Based on the case for eyelid surgery, Dr. Buglino will advise on the best approach to accomplish those needs using eyelid surgery techniques for the upper or lower eyelids. A brow lift may be performed in combination with upper eyelid surgery to alleviate hooding of heavy eye lids. Some patients may plan a non-surgical eyelift for hollowing eyes with injectables and fillers to restore volume and tighten/smoothen skin with laser skin resurfacing.

Eyelid Surgery Procedure

Dr. Buglino delivers optimal results with minimized downtime for upper or lower eyelid surgery procedures. Professional staff and care are available to guide eyelid surgery patients through the process of preparing for surgery of the eyelids, financing eyelid surgery, and ensuring recovery and healing post-eyelid surgery. Fill out the form below to contact Dr. Buglino today.

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