Considering Facial Surgery?

Enhancing or preserving the features that create beautiful facial definition is achievable with expert surgical and nonsurgical face rejuvenation procedures. The effects of facial volume loss and loose skin is a natural part of facial aging that can be reversed with surgery. Placements of the incisions are designed for maximum camouflage. Jowls (laxity around the lower cheeks) and loose neck skin be contoured and tightened during a face/neck lift. Like a prized gem, there are multiple facets that brighten your features and create a unique look. Depending on your goals, the right facial rejuvenation balances a naturally youthful appearance and retains the qualities that reveals your ideal self.

If you are considering facial surgery (facelifts, nose surgery (rhytidectomy), eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), or neck lift), schedule a consultation at Dr. Buglino’s New York office to answer any questions you have.

Request an appointment time for cosmetic face surgery consultation at our New York office or ask questions about facial cosmetic surgery via email.


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