Revision Plastic Surgery

Patients who have had plastic surgery prior may want to revise their previous surgery or have a cosmetic surgery “do-over”. Dr. Buglino performs revision surgeries for patients who want to redo a cosmetic surgery procedure because time has passed and they want to maintain the results of a previous surgery. In some cases, patients who have had surgical procedures performed by other doctors and are unhappy with their aesthetic results may consult to have that cosmetic procedure redone. Secondary surgeries and re-doing plastic surgery can correct the results of a previous facelift, browlift, eyelift, nose job, breast surgery, and more. We strongly recommend seeing a qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who understands your goals when revisiting any type of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Buglino is a qualified facial surgeon with many of experience performing various cosmetic procedures in Long Island, New York. Consult today with a renown plastic and reconstructive surgeon who will properly advise you with your decision for revision surgery.

Revision Surgery Consultation

Cosmetic revision surgery is specialized surgery which requires expertise, skill, and precision. Upon scheduling your complimentary consultation for revision surgery, you will meet with Dr. Buglino at his office in New York. Revision surgery patients are interviewed by Dr. Buglino in order to find out what their goals are, in which he will assess the patient’s physical condition and the area being revisited. Based on the case for revision surgery, Dr. Buglino will advise on the best approach to accomplish those needs using appropriate surgery techniques.

Revision Surgery Procedure

Dr. Buglino delivers optimal results for revision surgery procedures. Downtime may vary depending on the type of revision surgery being performed.Professional staff and care are available to guide revision surgery patients through the process of preparing for revisional plastic surgery, financing revision surgery, and ensuring recovery and healing post-revision surgery. Fill out the form below to contact Dr. Buglino today.


Consult with Dr. Buglino for Revision Plastic Surgery