Skin Lacerations


Skin laceration repair is very commonly performed by Dr. Buglino at his New York offices for patients who have open wounds that need to be sutured. When stitching wounds, cleaning, preparing, and closing a wound for suturing reduces the risk of infection and control any bleeding. Urgent medical care may be needed for deep lacerations or open wounds in areas that are more difficult to heal. As a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Buglino applies the proper suturing techniques to minimize scarring and promote faster recovery for laceration repair patients.

Pediatric Laceration Repair

We offer pediatric care laceration repair at our Long Island, New York offices. For children and minors, Dr. Buglino ensures the same standards of practice to ensure proper wound healing and minimizing risk of infection due to skin lacerations. Walk-ins and emergencies are welcome for medical stitching and suturing.

Laceration Repair Emergency Consultation

Skin laceration repairs may be an urgent matter and requires immediate attention. Please call Dr. Buglino’s offices in New York for an emergency consultation. Dr. Buglino will evaluate the wound and advise on the best approach for closing the wound. Dr. Buglino performs laceration repair for adults and children. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Laceration Procedure

Dr. Buglino delivers optimal results with minimized downtime for laceration repair procedures. Professional staff and care are available to guide laceration patients through the process and follow-up steps for suture removal after healing laceration repair.


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