Breast Reconstruction Surgery

breast-reconstruction-buglinoThose who have had their breasts removed, usually due to mastectomy to treat breast cancer, can seek breast reconstructive surgery to restore the volume and shape of their breasts. While there is much to be considered during breast reconstruction, this surgical approach gives hope and self-confidence to many, and is a very personal decision. The reconstructive process can be immediate or delayed. Other choices may include creating a breast from the patient’s own tissue or by using breast implants.

Dr. Buglino is a qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with many years of experience performing various body cosmetic procedures in Long Island, New York. Consult today for more information and to find out if you are a candidate for reconstructive breast surgery.

Dr. Buglino also specializes in breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction surgery.


Breast Reconstruction Consultation

With the possibility for breast lift reconstruction, careful considerations need to be made by both the patient and the operating surgeon. Upon scheduling your complimentary consultation for breast reconstruction surgery, you will meet with Dr. Buglino at his office in New York. Breast reconstruction patients are interviewed by Dr. Buglino in order to find out what the patient’s goals are, in which he will assess the physical condition of the breast area to see if surgical breast reconstruction is an option. Based on the case for breast lift surgery, Dr. Buglino will advise on the best approach to accomplish plastic and reconstructive breast surgery techniques.

Breast Reconstruction Procedure

Dr. Buglino delivers the utmost care optimal results for breast reconstructive surgery procedures. Professional staff and care are available to guide breast reconstruction surgery patients through the process of preparing for surgery of the breasts, financing reconstructive breast surgery, and ensuring recovery and healing post-breast surgery. Fill out the form below to contact Dr. Buglino today.

Consult with Dr. Buglino for Reconstruction Surgery