FaceLift Surgery for Men

A facelift for a man serves the same aesthetic purposes for reducing signs of facial aging and may be sought after to achieve a younger appearance and enhance their careers and personal lives. The techniques for male facelift surgery have slightly different considerations as prominent facial compositions, hairlines, and facial hair distinguish the aesthetics of a masculine face. For natural-looking results, men trust Dr. Buglino’s judgement on getting plastic surgery to improve their look.

Dr. Buglino is a qualified facial surgeon with many years of experience performing various cosmetic procedures for men and women in Long Island, New York. Consult today with a renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon who will properly advise you with your decision for facial surgery.


Brow Lift (Forehead)

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, focuses on the upper area of the face. This procedure diminishes forehead lines (frown lines), reduces lines between the eyes and at the bridge of the nose, and raises and repositions eyebrows. Brow lifts are sometimes paired with eyelid surgery to solve the issues associated with hooding of upper eyelids and a sagging brow area.


Lower FaceLift

Lower facelift surgery focuses on addressing aging concerns such as the loss of definition of the chin/jawline area due to jowls, sagging skin, and volume loss. A restored lower face can brighten one’s natural disposition that is becoming tired and worn.


Mid-FaceLift (Cheeks)

Those with sagging of the cheeks and surrounding areas due to aging may need cheek lift surgery. By raising the cheek fat pad, a mid facelift can restore a youthful appearance with more volume distributed evenly in the upper cheek area, lower eyelid area and outer eyebrow.


Full FaceLift

A full facelift surgery is a combination of a brow lift, mid-face lift, and lower facelift, for patients who are experiencing various advanced signs of facial aging in the upper, mid, and lower face.

Patient 1 - Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty - After Patient 2 - Upper Blepharoplasty Only - Before Patient 2 - Upper Blepharoplasty Only -  After Patient 3 - Upper Blepharoplasty Only -  Before Patient 3 - Upper Blepharoplasty Only -  After

Upper Eyelid Surgery (EyeLift)

Men and women may be candidates for upper eyelid  surgery if they experience loose skin, sagging skin or crepey skin, heavy/drooping upper eyelids (pseudoptosis), eyelid folds, impaired vision due to eye contour interference.

Lower Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Cosmetic lower eyelid surgery to get rid of puffy eyes due to excess fat, dark circles, hollowing and volume loss around the eyes and festoons. Other factors that may affect this area are genetics, lifestyle (i.e. cigarette smoking), and diet.

Patient 1 - After Patient 3 - Before Patient 2 - After Patient 3 - Before Patient 3 - After