A rhinoplasty, aka nose job, can be performed for many reasons: to correct breathing issues, trauma or birth defects, or for cosmetic purposes to transform your nose’s appearance. Whatever the reason may be, every patient’s hope is to come out of surgery with a new and improved sniffer. What they don’t want is to experience complications, such as additional scar tissue distorting the shape of their nose. If this does occur, don’t worry. The scar tissue can be removed and the rhinoplasty revised. 

Rhinoplasty involves certain trauma to the nose, such as cuts to its base and readjustments to the bone and cartilage. This prompts fibroblast cells to begin repairing collagen fibers and other proteins, to help you heal. Thick scar tissue forms to help strengthen your injured skin. While healing, this changes from red to whiteish, and typically appears between the skin and cartilage of the nose. In serious cases, this can alter the aesthetic the patient was hoping to achieve. 

If this additional scarring occurs, don’t worry. The scar tissue can be removed and the rhinoplasty revised. 

It may therefore seem as if your surgery was for nothing, but this can be corrected. Call your plastic surgeon or find another trusted surgeon to complete a rhinoplasty revision. If the scar tissue is severe, the repair procedure can be complicated. It will need to be carefully removed, without affecting the blood supply to the nose. The surgery typically involves re-opening, cutting the tissue, and reshaping the nose. The surgeon is cautious not to remove too much of this scar tissue or cartilage, so the nose doesn’t lose its structure. If this occurs, additional cartilage may need to be transplanted from behind the ear. 

If you’re looking to revise this issue without surgery, cortisone steroid injections can minimize its appearance. However, you must discuss your options with your plastic surgeon to determine which remedy—surgical or non-surgical—is right for you. Whether you choose corrective surgery or steroid injections to combat excessive scar tissue, either can help you achieve the nose of your dreams. 

After undergoing the revision, it’s crucial to maintain an effective skincare routine to minimize scarring even more. Your surgeon will share recovery instructions and other recommendations to ensure smooth, clear skin.

To lower your risk of experiencing this complication before even undergoing the procedure, enlist a board certified plastic surgeon with experience, expertise, and specialized training. This will help guarantee your desired results. Dr. Anthony Buglino possesses more than 10 years of experience completing all types of surgery, from facials to body contouring. He also specializes in revisions and repairs in adults and children, so you can be assured you’re in expert care. 

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