In some cases—especially involving a non-board-certified plastic surgeon—patients leave the surgical facility less than pleased with their results. The surgeon may have completely altered their body or face in a way unlike they discussed. None of the patient’s goals were met, despite the surgeon promising they could be achieved. In such instances, patients may even feel as though the surgery was botched. When this occurs, patients can undergo corrective surgery to repair the mistake of the previous procedure. 

Corrective surgery can also be used to restore areas of the body impacted by deformities or medical conditions, and mend lacerations, burns, and scars acquired from falls, trips, or other accidents. These procedures are performed to promote fast recovery and minimize scarring, ensuring skin remains intact and smooth.

But which corrective procedure do you need for your injury, surgery revision, or complication? Buglino Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery will explore each type of corrective surgery and how it can restore your body to its best form.


Revision surgeries typically involve correcting a previous operation to change aesthetics the patient isn’t happy with, or complications that arose during recovery. Revisions can also be performed to maintain results years after the original procedure, as an update. Such secondary surgeries can revise the results of a facelift, browlift, eyelift, rhinoplasty, breast surgery, body contouring, and more. 

For instance, two of the most common revisions include those necessary to fix symmastia and repair rhinoplasty scar tissue. In the case of symmastia, a condition in which breast implants are too close, resulting in the skin lifting away from the breastbone, a board-certified surgeon can perform either a subglandular or submuscular revision or an internal bra procedure. For a rhinoplasty that resulted in built-up scar tissue during recovery, a surgeon will need to re-open the surgical site, cut the excess tissue, and reshape the nose. 

Breast Implant Repair

In some cases, patients who have undergone a breast augmentation may experience the complications such as capsular contracture, asymmetry, breast implant displacement or bottoming out. These cases can be complicated and require experienced hands for revision. In such cases, patients may require capsule removal, capsulectomy revision, exchange of implant, or all of the above.  Some of these revisions may require advanced techniques utilizing mesh or  biological material as a scaffold for support.

When patients notice their implants becoming painful, irregular appearing , or asymmetric  they should seek a consultation from a certified plastic surgeon. 

Laceration Repair

Lacerations can occur in a multitude of ways: falling, tripping, sports altercations, playground roughhousing, car accidents, and more. Whether large or small, all lacerations require immediate attention to reduce scarring, eliminate the possibility of infection, and control bleeding. A surgeon who specializes in laceration repair for both adults and children will carefully clean, prepare, and suture a wound closed with precision to minimize scarring. fine instrumentation, debridement of damaged tissue, and the utilization of the correct sutures fir layered closure makes all the difference when trying to obtain a inconspicuous scar. If immediate closure is not a option, wound can healin with contraction and be revised at a later date. It’s especially important to enlist a plastic surgeon with facial reconstruction experience when lacerations are on the face

Scar Corrections

Scar correction procedures can reduce the appearance of scars in a variety of textures, shapes, and sizes after injury or surgery. This can include surgical revisions ( excision of scar and closure), laser resurfacing, or a combination of other MediSpa treatments. 

Whether you’re unhappy with your previous surgery, experiencing complications, or need laceration repair or scar correction, Long Island certified surgeon Dr. Anthony Buglino of Buglino Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery can correct any imperfection. From bottoming-out breast implants in need of reconstruction to an open wound demanding stitching, Dr. Buglino can provide corrective surgery for an array of conditions. 

If you’re in need of corrective surgery, schedule a consultation today!

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