Safety is Buglino Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery’s utmost concern. That’s why our office has implemented a variety of measures to ensure our patients and staff are protected during this time. 

From the moment restrictions on elected surgeries were lifted, we’ve taken an abundance of caution reopening our practice and our MediSpa. We waited a few extra weeks to guarantee we had implemented all of the right procedures. Our safety measures for our office are as follows:

Wait in the Car

When patients arrive at 40 Crossways Park Dr. for their appointment, they are asked to remain in the car until they receive a text or call from Dr. Anthony Buglino or a staff member. Then, patients may enter Suite 108. 

Arrive Alone

Buglino Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery asks that you do not bring any guests with you into the office. If you are undergoing a procedure that requires someone else drive you home, please ask your guest to remain in the car until you are finished. Only one patient will be allowed in the office at a time. 

Wear a Mask

All patients must wear a mask upon entering the office. If you do not have one, we can provide you with one. Masks must be worn for the duration of all consultations and treatments unless the surgeon or medical esthetician asks you to remove it for procedural purposes. 


Dr. Anthony Buglino has added sanitation stations throughout the office for patients to cleanse their hands before, during, and after appointments. 

Temperature Checks

Upon entry, a staff member will check your temperature using a non-contact forehead thermometer. 

Fill out a COVID-19 Questionnaire

You’ll be asked to fill out additional COVID-19 health forms. It will ask questions about recent travel and any symptoms you’ve experienced in recent days. 

Staff Wears Masks & Shields

Our staff will be wearing masks and face shields during your entire visit to ensure your safety. 

Cleanings Between Patients

Dr. Buglino ensures all exam rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each patient. We also stagger patients one hour apart to ensure there’s appropriate air turnover. 

Plexiglass Used for MediSpa Treatments

During MediSpa treatments, our medical esthetician Krissa Pedersen will utilize portable plexiglass shields over patients. This adds a double layer of protection while allowing the esthetician to perform facials and other treatments. 

COVID-19 Certifications

Our medical esthetician has undertaken a number of educational courses to ensure she’s aware of the most up-to-date safety information. She is Barbicide certified, Milady Infection Control certified, and Rejuvenate Infection Prevention and Control certified. 


We ask that if you are feeling sick, have a temperature above 100.4 degrees fahrenheit, a cough, chest pain or shortness of breath, you cancel your appointment and contact your primary care physician. For more information about our safety measures, please do not hesitate to contact us at (516) 864-0700. 

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