Medical esthetician Krissa Pedersen joins the Buglino team

Krissa Pedersen HeadshotBuglino Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery welcomes our new medical esthetician Krissa Pedersen to our team. She brings more than 10 years of experience to our Woodbury practice.

“We chose Krissa after a long and arduous selection process,” explained Dr. Anthony Buglino. “First and foremost, she has extensive experience working in aesthetics and has a very strong knowledge base regarding all cosmetic treatments.”

Originally a massage therapist, Pedersen suffered from skin conditions throughout her youth, so she has a first-hand understanding of how they impact patients both physically and mentally. She’s tried various treatments and skin care routines to find the right regimen for her skin. Pedersen found the different procedures and products intriguing, and the results even more fascinating. 

Pedersen obtained her license from Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics, an internationally recognized school in New York City, in 2008. Following that, she gained valuable experience working in various spas across Long Island. Pedersen went on to work with plastic surgeons at MediSpas for several years before she joined Dr. Anthony Buglino. 

“First and foremost, she has extensive experience working in aesthetics and has a very strong knowledge base regarding all cosmetic treatments.”

“I think that he has a great eye,” said Pedersen of why she chose Buglino Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery as her new home. “I’ve seen his work from Instagram and elsewhere. He’s got a great bedside manner and he’s great with the patients. He doesn’t rush them. There’s a lot of room for potential in terms of doing skincare and laser treatments. It’s a great office. Between him and practice manager Amy Kaufman, it’s a good vibe when you come into the office, a good energy.”

Pedersen takes her time to get to know every patient and their skincare needs. Prior to the treatment, she’ll discuss the products a patient is using, the type of skin they have, and any conditions she needs to be made aware of. She’ll devise a customized treatment plan that’s sure to help you achieve the best results for your skin. 

“Krissa is not satisfied with just knowing that a particular treatment is effective,” said Dr. Buglino. “She appreciates the science and understanding why. This is very powerful when designing a regimen that is tailored for the individual. The final X factor is Krissa’s friendly and empathic nature. She understands that each client has a particular concern that is paramount to them and makes it her goal to pursue a solution. We are incredibly lucky to have her on our team.”

The newest Buglino team member is HydraFacial certified, Dermalogica Clean Touch certified, and a Dermalogica expert. She has also continued her education during COVID-19 to ensure she knows the proper measures to take to keep her patients safe. Pedersen is Barbicide certified, which reviews current information regarding COVID-19 and the beauty industry; Milady Infection Control certified, which helps estheticians brush up on the latest infection control procedures; and Rejuvenate Infection Prevention and Control certified, which educates professionals on best sanitation practices. 

Taking what she learned from her recent coursework, Pedersen has implemented a variety of new protocols for MediSpa treatments. She will be sanitizing after each patient and wiping down the entire room. None of the products will be used twice, ensuring cleanliness. Each machine offers disposable applicators, so patients will never come into contact with equipment that has touched someone else. Plexiglass barriers will safely separate Pedersen from her patients, while allowing her to perform the treatment. Pedersen will also always be wearing a mask, a face shield, and gloves. 


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