Getting stitches can be scary, especially for children. Will they hurt or leave a scar? Will your child cry? A great plastic surgeon can ensure a painless treatment with minimal scarring, and plenty of distracting games for kids. 

How do you find the best plastic surgeon who makes the process comfortable and simple? Buglino Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery explains the criteria you should look for in a qualified surgeon to perform this corrective surgery


Board Certification

The first check on your list should be board certification. 

In some states, physicians don’t have to be board certified to perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. This means a general surgeon or optometrist could technically stitch your wound. However, you want an expert, to ensure the procedure goes smoothly and is conducted properly. 

A board certification is a mark of distinction and signifies he or she has undergone a rigorous program for plastic surgeons. This can include fellowships or other training hours. Board certified surgeons have gained specialized training others haven’t.

A great plastic surgeon can ensure a painless treatment with minimal scarring, and plenty of distracting games for kids. 

Dr. Anthony Buglino completed a competitive post-graduate fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, one of only four of its kind. In addition, he’s trained under leading surgeons at Jefferson University Hospital, Hahnemann Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Westchester Hospital/New York Medical College, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, and Reading Hospital. 


Experience & Expertise

In addition to being board certified, you’ll want to make sure your plastic surgeon has several years of experience under their belt. Experienced and trustworthy surgeons will always be interested in continuing their education. They’ll be up to date on the latest techniques and attend training programs, presentations, and summits to learn about the latest technology and skills. 

Dr. Buglino believes in continuing his education as new and improved techniques become approved. Each year, Dr. Buglino attends multiple training programs, constantly improving his skills and learning new ones. 



Impressive surgeons showcase patient results on their websites, social media accounts, office walls, or all of these. With permission, they’ll photograph and post before and after images of the laceration. These chronicle the wounds before the stitching or right after its application, as well as several weeks to months after the procedure. This can help you determine the surgeon’s expertise in scar reduction. 

Dr. Buglino features before and after images on his website, plastic surgery and BooBoosRX Instagram pages, and in his office. 


Trust, Honesty & Care

In addition to the certifications, experience and results, the plastic surgeon should be honest with their patients and exhibit true care for them. You want to know what measures your surgeon has in place, what anesthetics he or she uses, how they minimize pain, and how they distract children. 

A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), Dr. Buglino takes a holistic approach to medicine, meaning he cares about patients’ overall health. He enjoys forming relationships with his patients and creating a comfortable, inviting environment. He specializes in pediatric lacerations, ensuring their visits are handled with a bit of extra care. Children can watch cartoons or play games on iPads. He also uses special dissolvable stitches, so kids don’t have to go through the process of getting their stitches removed. Dr. Buglino offers additional treatment modalities as needed such as laser and microneedling when indicated to provide the best cosmetic outcome. 

Dr. Buglino can help adults and children heal, by expertly stitching their wounds. His expertise nearly guarantees minimal scarring. For further scar reduction, he also provides follow-up laser treatments. For more information about Dr. Buglino’s laceration care, check out BooBoosRX.