Lacerations, wounds and punctures! Oh my!

When a patient calls for an urgent situation, we understand that the proper care, timing and treatment is critical for optimal healing and health. Additionally, receiving treatment from a qualified surgeon can help promote healing and reduce a ghastly appearing scar.

Rest assured and have no fear! Dr. Anthony Buglino is experienced with advanced treatments for complex wounds, lacerations, abrasions, burns, punctured and much more. Using suturing techniques, plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures and advanced skin treatments, Dr. Buglino helps patients contain the wound, to stop bleeding and ensure proper closure to prevent infection. Additionally to repairing the skin, Dr. Buglino ensures patients heal safely, quickly and with minimal scarring.

In fact, Dr. Buglino launched BooBoosRX, a specialty area for his practice that focuses on providing the best possible treatments for lacerations, complex wounds, punctures, abrasions, and more, with the ability for patients to be treated immediately at his offices in Woodbury NY and in some cases, on an outcall basis. Dr. Buglino treats both adults and children.

Below are several instances  Dr. Buglino helped patients with their skin injury, trauma, abnormality or scar revision….

[Beware of these “boo boos”: Some of these photos may be considered graphic in nature.]

Laceration Closure & Repair

Adult Laceration Repair Woodbury NY
Laceration Repair / Woodbur NY

A gentleman underwent a debridement and closure of a traumatic forehead laceration. Dr Buglino used stitching to close the wound. After healing, post-operative laser treatment reduced the appearance of any scarring.

Laceration Closure Suturing Children Woodbury NY
Laceration Closure / Woodbury NY

When a young boy fell on concrete steps, he split open his forehead. Dr. Buglino sutured the wound shut. The stitches were removed once His skin injury healed up and he was back to normal in a few weeks.

Complex Wound: Dog Bite

Dog Bite Repair Wound Closure Woodbury NY
Dog Bite Wound Treatment in Woodbury NY

Over the summer- the busy season for dog bites- Dr. Buglino repairs and reconstructed a severe dog bite on the patients mouth. We absolutely  love dogs, but please use caution when putting your face too near.

Mohs Surgery

Moh Surgery Woodbury NY
Mohs Surgery in Woodbury NY

This patient underwent Mohs surgery to treat skin cancer on the forehead facial area. The procedure delivered immediate closure of the opening with H plasty flaps. Using the H pattern for closure allowed final scar lines to be hidden within the resting transverse line pattern. This technique also prevented distortion of the brow.

Nasolabial Mohs Surgery Skin Cancer Removal Woodbury NY

Another patient had Mohs surgery to treat skin cancer in the nasabial fold. Dr. Buglino’s advanced suturing technique was expertly placed to allow the patient to move their facial muscles  during healing.

Lesion Removal

Eye Lesion Removal Woodbury NY
Lesion Removal in Woodbury NY

This patient had a lesion on her lower eye lid. Dr. Buglino removed the lesion with appropriate treatment for this delicate are. The patient’s eye lid healed beautifully without scarring.

Scar Revision

Scar Revision Woodbury NY
Scar Revision in Woodbury NY with Dr. Buglino

A patient with a previous lipoma excision was left with a concave, hypertrophic scarring. Dr. Buglino was able to use her own body fat to reinject into the scar site to get rid of the dent-like appearance. The patient will be scheduled for follow up for scar excision and closure once full healing of fat transfer is complete. 

Call Buglino Plastic Surgery for urgent skin repairs and emergency wound treatment. Dr. Buglino’s is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon operating in Woodbury, NY. Call 1 (516) 864-0700.