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“Time stops for no one.” We’d like to put the age-old saying to rest once and for all… Buglino Plastic Surgery excels in plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery that will keep our clients looking their finest. We offer our clients a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art facial plastic surgery and body plastic surgery practice. Face and neck are specialized areas that Dr. Buglino distinguishes himself by delivering beautiful results. Our body contouring includes liposuction, laser lipolysis with SmartLipo, abominoplasty (tummy tuck), thigh lifts and arm lifts. Dr. Buglino has extensive experience in breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, as well as breast reconstruction after cancer surgery. Other aesthetic surgeries includes non-surgical rejuvenation with the use of dermal fillers and injectables, BOTOX, and fat transfer. We offer comprehensive cosmetic solutions, and specialty plastic surgery such as burn, trauma, lacerations, scar revisions, as well as pediatric plastic surgery.


Complimentary Consultations

Buglino Plastic Surgery in New York offers complimentary consultations for clients who are interested in cosmetic surgery of the face, breast, and body. Non-surgical procedures may also require a consultation. Your personalized consultation will be as long as it needs to be – there is no rushing and no compromise. Dr. Buglino only sees a certain amount of patients a day in order to allow him to give adequate time to see his clients and patients. Call (516) 864-0700 or email us.


Patient Care & Trust

Being a physician foremost, Dr. Buglino believes in taking the time to discover what his patients want and need in order to create a suitable treatment plan. He helps his patients make the best decisions to allow them to get the best results. Our patients’ well-being is always a priority.


Patient Follow Up

Intitial patient follow-up is generally 24 to 72 hours after having surgery or cosmetic enhancements. Dr Buglino will see his patients weekly or as needed. Dr Buglino stands by personalized and quality care.


New York State Osteopathic Medical Society
American College of Osteopathic Surgeons
American Medical Association
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
American Osteopathic Association
About Dr. Buglino
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Ask us about…

  • Facial Surgery
    • Facelifts
    • Upper Eyelid Surgery
    • Lower Eyelid Surgery
    • Nose Refinement
    • Necklifts
  • Body Contouring Surgery
    • Liposuction
    • SmartLipo
    • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
    • Arm Lift
    • Thigh Lift
  • Breast Surgery
    • Breast Lift
    • Breast Enhancement
    • Breast Augmentation Revision
    • Breast Reduction
    • Breast Reconstruction
    • Breast Implant Repair
  • Corrective Surgery
    • Revision Surgery (“Do-Overs”)
    • Laceration Repair/Sutures
    • Scar Correction
  • Non-Surgical
    • Laser Skin Tightening
    • Dermal Fillers
    • Injectables
    • BOTOX Cosmetic
    • Restylane/Perlane
    • Cellfina
    • Belotero
    • Fat Transfer
    • Hand Rejuvenation
    • Breast Implant Repair
    • Latisse
  • MediSpa Treatments
    • Chemical Peel
    • Dermabrasion
    • Hydrafacial
    • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
    • Laser Hair Removal

…and more!

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